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Laser Spine Surgery in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide extraordinary care to patients suffering from disabling spinal disorders. Biscup Spine employs innovative diagnostic testing, therapies and minimally invasive surgical techniques to improve mobility and quality of life. Dr. Biscup treats the person, not the X-ray. Read some of our success stories here.

Our Founder and Leader

Dr. Biscup has an impeccable reputation of outstanding service, not just with his patients but also with his fellow professionals. He has given hundreds of speeches worldwide and has taught dozens of leading surgeons in the practice of cutting edge spinal surgery. Dr. Biscup and his staff are the leading experts in spinal care and the right choice for you. Read more about Dr. Biscup here.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to find the optimal treatment for each individual who comes to visit us with back pain. We find that many patients arrive at Biscup Spine with conditions that have not progressed and may not progress to the stage of requiring surgery.

Spinal Stenosis & More

It is our belief that with proper early diagnosis we are able to provide non-surgical options as optimal treatment. However, if there is a need for surgery, we ensure the least invasive surgical option available with the quickest recovery time for each individual case. For a free MRI review with Dr. Biscup click here.