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Back Patient Success Stories

    • A. Ronald Rook

      I would definitely recommend Dr. Biscup to anyone having symptoms from the low back that would require surgery. This is from an orthopedic surgeon who performed hundreds of spine surgeries.
    • Alan Hammer

      a recovery period of only a few weeks [...] I can recommend them without reservations
    • Barbara Oko

      I'm so grateful as I was almost ready to give up. Dr Biscup gave me back my quality of life.
    • Bill Dearman

      I had my surgery and literally walked out of the hospital the next day. I owe my life to Dr. Biscup for giving me back mine.
    • Bob Kwait

      Although Dr. Biscup was no longer with the Clinic, the fact that he was recommended by current Cleveland Clinic doctors was certainly
    • Cecille Sheppard-video

      Cecile is pain free after receiving surgery from Dr. Biscup for her herniated disc. Watch her video.
    • Cindy Trexler

      It has been two months since my surgery, and still no pain! I have not felt this good in 15 years. There just aren't enough heartfelt words to say how truly grateful I am.
    • Dennis Bileca

      I am free from all pain and can again enjoy my family and perform all the activities of daily life.
    • Dominic A. Visconsi

      That's my experience with the amazing Dr. Biscup. If I had a vote, I would put Dr. Biscup in the "Medical Hall of Fame".
    • Emily W. Ziegler

      As Dr. Biscup spoke, my husband and I looked at each other......this was exactly what I needed.
    • Father James Flood

      The surgery performed by Dr. Biscup has truly given me, at age 76, a new lease on life.
    • Floridahl Sacks

      I've been able to walk since the first day after surgery. So happy to be able to walk with NO pain.
    • Fred Brunswick

      All of you are so caring and because of your expertise my quality of life has greatly improved. As far as I am concerned, you are truly "MIRACLE" workers.
    • Jaswant S Bal

      At my first visit, Dr. Biscup studied my MRI, sat down with me and explained my condition in detail and told me why surgery was the best option in my case. That in my opinion is the hallmark of a good physician [...]
    • Jo Ann Medalie

      Within three months, I was back to my regular active schedule. Pain is stressful and debilitating. Living without it is a gift.
    • Jo Ann Medalie

      Obviously, we are grateful everyday for being physically healthy again. We are now 74 and 77 and thank Bob Biscup every day for giving us our life back.
    • Joan Vazakas

      . I walked out of the hospital the next day and am a new woman!
    • Joe McAbier

      I was happy to learn that he would be doing the surgery himself. Long story short, we scheduled another MRI on Feb. 24.
    • John C Scurtis

      I credit Dr. Biscup for giving me back my quality of life and highly recommend Dr. Biscup for any surgical procedure you may be faced with.
    • John Mitsinikos

      Thank God and you Dr. Biscup. When you removed the hernia, I went from 80 years old to 40 overnight. I am a new man.
    • Jose V. Salame

      Nowadays, I jump on the treadmill every morning, brisk walk and run for 45 minutes and then perform the other exercises for another 15 minutes. I feel great.
    • Julie Blanco

      The pain medication bottle I was sent home with is still sitting in my medicine cabinet, mostly full! I went to physical therapy for almost three months and that pain completely disappeared!
    • Kay James

      I have recommended Dr. Biscup and Dr. Whitfield often and cannot express my appreciation loudly enough for their knowledge and surgical expertise.
    • Lorie Reifschneider

      It's been 2 years this month, and I feel very good. I still exercise and stretch every day.
    • Lynn Massenzio

      What I gained from this experience is that the key to a quick and full recovery is choosing a quality surgeon and being committed to following a consistent physical therapy regimen.
    • Marita Beh

      The office staff was very professional and pleasant. During the consultation, Dr. Biscup suggested micro-decompression surgery at the L3-L4, L4-L5 levels.
    • Natasha Sheppard-video

      Follow Natasha Sheppard through her treatment with Dr. Biscup to fix her debilitating back pain. Watch as Natasha gets up and walks around (PAIN FREE!) a short time after surgery.
    • Norman S. Jaffe, M.D.

      I have been completely free of pain ever since. My physical recovery including a return to tennis and hiking has been phenomenal.
    • Patrick Longman-video

      Pat suffered from a herniated & degenerated disc. Both his career and family were being threatened. Then he found Dr. Biscup. Watch his video.
    • RC Karl

      Dr. Biscup is not main street medicine. He is far and away above that. He is a very skilled and kind man. The staff is also very kind and efficient.
    • Richard Lobo

      a situation which was not possible until the intervention of Dr Robert Biscup, who I am so grateful to for letting me live a new life of comfort.
    • Roger Benjamin

      I am here to tell you that today I am pain free and out playing tennis with the guys.
    • Selden Marquart

      Dr. Biscup provided me with a complete rehab procedure, which I started 12 days after surgery, and I have done my exercises every day since.
    • Steve Norman

      His staff was a pleasure to deal with and very helpful in answering all questions and communications I had for them in a most timely manner
    • Susan O. Ahern

      I went to the appointment and found a very pleasant atmosphere and extremely informative meeting with the Doctor.
    • Suzanne Rose

      I was so thoroughly impressed with his presentation and scope of spinal knowledge, that I arranged an appointment with him to discuss my back pain and MRI.
    • Woody Weiser

      I will always be grateful to Dr. Biscup for his incredible ability to relieve my pain