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Microdecompression Laminaplasty

Dr. Biscup’s microsurgical procedure, on the other hand, involved a 2 inch long incision, instantaneous relief and a recovery period of only a few weeks. After working with Dr. Biscup and his talented team I can recommend them without reservations.

Alan Hammer
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At a Glance

  • This procedure is typically performed in patients 55 and older for the treatment of symptomatic Spinal Stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal that affects the spinal cord and spinal nerves.
  • If successful, the procedure avoids the need for much larger traditional spine operations.
  • The results are immediate and sometimes years of pain and suffering are gone.


A successful microdecompression laminaplasty replaces the need to do a Laminectomy, the removal of any of the bony plates at the back of the spine in order to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots.

The surgery is performed microscopically through small incisions, which avoids cutting or detaching spinal muscles. This makes for a much easier surgery for both doctor and patient. It can also be performed under local or spinal anesthesia, making the procedure very safe, especially in older patients or individuals with other medical problems.

The surgery combines two procedures. Micro decompression results from removing offending bone spurs, thickened ligament and inflammatory tissue, bulging disc material, and joint cysts. Then a laminaplasty reshapes the under surface of the lamina (back of the spine) to create a larger bony canal.

One or several levels can be performed, depending on the nature of the patient’s problem. Both sides of the spine can be treated through a single side approach. For a single level surgery, the incision is usually 1 inch long.

This operation requires a long learning curve for surgeons, which discourages many from learning the procedure. Only a limited number of training centers teach young spine surgeons how to perform this difficult but rewarding technique.


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