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Self Diagnostic Assessment Tool

Over the years Dr. Biscup has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience on what causes back pain and how to properly treat that pain. He has taken his knowledge and experience and created a tool that anyone can use to help determine what is causing their pain and to help guide individuals towards a solution that will lead them back to living a pain free life. The Self Diagnostic Assessment Tool provides great information, feedback and advice for anyone who uses it, however, keep in mind, any results that are produced by the tool should be discussed with a doctor before taking any treatments recommended by the diagnostic results.

FAQ Database

We know that there are many places posting lots of the same information online, which is why we have created an FAQ system. Browse or search our FAQs and you should find the answer to your question.

Degenerative Spine Cascade Flow Chart

The Degenerative Spine Cascade flow chart explains the spinal degeneration process and how that process contributes to the development of many spinal conditions. It also lists the effects on surrounding structures, commonly referred to acronyms (AKAs), typical symptoms, and the various treatment options available. Learn more about the Degenerative Spine Cascade and the role it plays in various spinal conditions.

In addition to the tools listed above, the Knowledge Center also is home to A to Z references of spinal conditions and treatment options.